The time to talk is now

It’s been two weeks since the image of Ben Moffitt – the anchor of the Bulls’ defense for the last four seasons – was severely tarnished.

I’m just a little confused as to why it had to happen this way.

A divorce is something that can be very difficult for both parties – especially when children are involved. I guess I have a problem with the way Shauna Moffitt handled the situation.

She went public with several severe allegations against her soon-to-be ex-husband. The most severe – according to the St. Petersburg Times – was the fact that she took two online classes and wrote numerous essays for her husband.

Moffitt hasn’t seemed to be doing himself any favors by keeping quiet throughout what is turning into a huge ordeal.

On Tuesday, the Times reported statements made by Moffitt in sworn affidavits to the court. Moffitt not only contended that he supported his children, he also had receipts for payments made after Nov. 11.

Every day this thing is getting uglier and uglier, and I am starting to get sick of it.

Even though I don’t think Shauna Moffitt should have gone public in the first place – because, in my mind, it makes her seem bitter and desperate for attention – there is one thing that does concern me: the accusations of cheating.

In his court papers, Moffitt never addresses the cheating scandal that is swirling around him. To me, that is more important and more newsworthy than how much he did or didn’t pay for groceries.

As a student, I get agitated whenever I hear accusations of cheating. But Moffitt was the face of the University. He was a role model for doing all the right things. Moffitt was celebrated for being great both on and off the field.

If Moffitt doesn’t want to deny the allegations, that’s his business. If I were being accused of never writing a paper in my collegiate career, I would do whatever I could in my power to prove my innocence – but that’s just me.

I could live with somebody saying I was a poor provider for my family or calling me a bad person – because that kind of stuff is expected in a divorce. It can get pretty ugly.

Would I sit back and let somebody take credit for all my work? No way. I couldn’t. But that’s because there are no skeletons in my closet. I know what I’ve accomplished.

I’m in no way calling Ben Moffitt a cheater. That’s not my goal.

But, if I were Ben Moffitt, I would step up quickly. Not addressing an issue as severe as cheating your way through college looks bad on an already tarnished reputation.

No matter what, this divorce is going to get more coverage than people need to hear. The he-said, she-said will continue, and Ben and Shauna Moffitt’s children will have to get used to spending time with one parent at a time.

However, if the cheating accusations – and at this point, they are only accusations – are proved to be true, it could tarnish Moffitt’s reputation forever. If I were him, I’d come clean now. But that’s just me.