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Faculty Office building undergoes repair

Anyone stepping off the elevator onto the second floor of the Faculty Administration Office building this week was immediately struck by the scent of smoke and the sounds of scraping.

Construction began Monday to replace the roof of the FAO building, which is estimated to be finished by Feb. 27.

“(Monday) was the first day of actually touching the roof,” said Darlene Corcoran, academic program specialist for the philosophy department.

This time of year is optimal for renovating as Florida is not yet in its rainy season, and out of hurricane season.

Corcoran praised the work of Project Manager Greg See, who was unable to comment.

“He’s been really gracious,” she said. “He keeps talking to the contractors about how to keep down the inconvenience.”

See was called Monday morning when the building began to smell of smoke. The problem – an unexpected shift in the wind. Work was put to a halt until the wind conditions were suitable to finish.

According to Corcoran, FAO building managers have been included in the weekly meetings about the renovations so that everyone stays informed.

As it stands, three parking spots had to be covered, as well as part of the sidewalk, but all equipment is kept on the grass near the BEH building and out of students’ and professors’ way.

“Updating things is definitely a plus,” said Cocoran.