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Buyers beware: Kane and Lynch a bad choice

In case you have missed out on the massive Internet drama recently, Kane and Lynch is fast becoming the most spited game in history. For such a heavily marketed game, you would think it would have something to show for all the hype. But the game fails on many levels – the gameplay, color scheme and storyline all somehow manage to fail spectacularly in capturing the interest of the gaming community. Eidos Interactive, the publisher of the game, sees things differently. In fact, they managed to forge reviews for the game on their own Web site.

This game feels like the rushed movie tie-in projects that follow many blockbusters, except there is nothing to blame but the laziness of the developers.

Initially, according to, the Kane and Lynch Web site had quotes from game review sites Gamespy and Gameinformer that apparently were taken out of context. Eidos even managed to invent the star ratings for the game. Furthermore, reported the publisher gave its own game a positive review while having Gamespot reviewer Jeff Gerstmann fired for giving an honest, negative one.

Eidos Interactive paid for advertising for the Gamespot Web site, so the almighty dollar managed to get a reviewer fired and tarnished the reputation of the game reviewing site forever.

Save your money and buy something else.