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Presence, duties of security guards expand

The numbers of the AlliedBarton security officers who first arrived on campus two weeks ago have increased to levels adequate to staff three- or four-man patrols of the residence halls, Greek village, and central areas on campus, and enough officers for eight-man, 24-hour patrols are expected by month’s end.

As the University has hashed out the final details of its deal with AlliedBarton, the security guards, who began two-man patrols on Nov. 2, have gradually assumed some of the minor duties handled by University Police. They now operate the card access systems for campus buildings, unlock doors, provide escorts, and jump cars with dead batteries, UP spokeswoman Meg Ross said.

Right now, UP is still receiving a lot of calls about locked doors and escorts and is forwarding them to the security service, but Ross said she expects students and faculty to start making more of those calls directly to the dispatcher working out of AlliedBarton’s office in Holly K.

“We’re starting to see a reprieve from some of the security functions that have traditionally fallen on us,” Ross said.

Patrols by the officers are now focused on the residential areas in the northeast area of campus.

Once the full force is in place, two security guards will patrol four campus zones, Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President Carl Carlucci wrote in an e-mail.

For now, the four zones are bordered on the east by Maple Drive, west by Magnolia Drive, north by Fletcher Avenue and south by Alumni Drive.

“We think the zones may change over time as we get a better feel for the assignments, and are looking to our UP to work with AlliedBarton on developing a longer-term staffing pattern that works for USF,” Carlucci wrote.

The security guards are using two golf carts provided by the University, but should have their own carts by the end of the month.

Guards wear blue shirts with gold patches on each shoulder and carry ID badges that read AlliedBarton Security Services.

The number for the AlliedBarton dispatcher is (813) 974-3952.