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Theft suspect arrested

As honor student Jenifer Cuestas looked out of her Maple A window Thursday she noticed a man leaning over her bicycle.

When she walked outside, Cuestas saw that her lock had been cut as the man walked away from the bike rack.

“At that moment my heart started beating really fast, and I got really scared, so I called 911,” Cuestas said. “I told the lady what was happening and how the man was dressed, and the whole time he just stood there by the Bull Runner stop.”

Though frightened, she maintained visual contact with the man and was able to identify him when police arrived just minutes later, said Cuestas.

Her positive identification led to the arrest of Marlon Maxfield Patten, 29, of Tampa.

“She did a great job,” said University Police spokeswoman Meg Ross.

Patten was charged with Petit Theft and Criminal Mischief and is being held at the Orient Road Jail on $500 bond.

Police found a pair of pliers, which Cuestas said were used to cut her bike lock – valued at $60 – according to the arrest affidavit.