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Dane’s Cooking might make you Chuckle

Writer Josh Stolberg, creator of Kids of America (2005), is back with his new no-holds-barred relationship comedy Good Luck Chuck. Dane Cook (Employee of the Month) and Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four) star in the funny yet very predictable comedy about one man’s quest for true love.

The story starts as young Charlie – also known as Chuck (Cook) – and his buddy Stu, both 10, are playing spin-the-bottle at a party in a friend’s basement. When it is Charlie’s turn to spin the bottle, his hopes of kissing his childhood crush are shattered when the bottle points at the last person he had hoped to kiss. The shocking events of that day would appear to haunt Charlie into adulthood. Viewer beware: the opening scene in the basement immediately gives warrant to the film’s R rating.

The film fast-forwards to the present day where an adult Charlie is attending the wedding of yet another of his exes. His exes refer to him as a “lucky charm” because they find true love shortly after dating him. While Charlie is living the life most single men only dream about (sleeping with an incredible number of beautiful women without the stress of a relationship), he eventually begins to feel used.

The film follows Charlie’s personal conflict as he tries to decide whether to embrace his “gift” and date multiple beautiful women, as his superficial friend Stu (Dan Fogler, Balls of Fury) would have it, or view these incidents as mere coincidence and continue his search for love. His search for true love ultimately leads him to Cam Wexler (Alba), a biologist whose clumsiness rivals that of Family Matters’ Steve Urkel.

There are plenty of laughs during Charlie’s quest for love. The most entertaining of these scenes is the dialogue between Charlie and Stu, whose remarks, while crass and outrageous, should keep viewers chuckling (no pun intended). Lonny Ross (TV’s 30 Rock) plays the role of Cam’s brother, Joe, the charismatic stoner who provides plenty of laughs while working with his sister at the aquarium.

Overall, Good Luck Chuck is an airtight comedy with very few dull spots. While the outcome is quite predictable and some of the jokes are vulgar, the film has a really nice flow to it. Apart from the relatively disturbing opening scene in the basement, the comedy, for the most part, does a good job of walking that thin line but not crossing it. At just over 90 minutes, the film’s jokes don’t dry up a la Knocked Up. The kids should definitely be left at home for this one due to language and strong sexual content.


Running time: 96 mins

Rated: R