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Campus Crime

Seven computers have been stolen from various classrooms on campus this week, according to University Police reports.

Four were taken from the Life Sciences Building, parts of two were taken from the College of Business and one was taken from Cooper Hall. The computers, estimated at $800 each, were stolen during evening and daylight hours, reports stated.

Director of Instructional Services Lyn Rejniak, who handles classroom technology throughout the campus, said the times of the thefts were difficult to determine because faculty and staff knew only when they last saw the equipment. No one witnessed the thefts, said Rejniak.

In the likely event that police fail to recover the stolen computers, the cost of replacing those that are uninsured will fall on the University, Rejniak said.

“Thefts are not uncommon across campus. What makes this unique is the concentration of time in which these thefts occurred,” Rejniak said.

Rejniak said University administrators are just starting to discuss ways to stop the recent rash of thefts.

“Internally, we’re looking at ways that we can take new precautions,” Rejniak said.

Police have no suspects in the thefts.

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