Campus Safety

Members of student government’s executive branch will provide students with free emergency whistles.

The project – approved by an SG funding committee Tuesday – is initially funded for 2,000 whistles to be distributed in about three weeks from Room 203 of the SG offices in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

According to a press release, former student body president Barclay Harless proposed the idea after reading a recommendation for the whistles in a report on campus safety, issued by Governor Charlie Crist’s Gubernatorial Task Force on Campus Safety in May.

Student body president Garin Flowers, who officially took over Harless’ position Tuesday, then pushed to put the plan into effect.

With recent reports of a serial rapist near campus, Flowers said immediate action is necessary to protect students.

“It’s a good way to respond to campus safety issues,” Flowers said. “We have a lot of long term goals, but this is a great short term response.”

Justin Hall, Director of University Affairs, said the whistles will be ready and

available to all students in

three weeks.

SG has allotted $1,000 to go toward the purchase of whistles, said Hall, adding that should buy about 2,000 whistles. The whistles will be designed as key chains, he said.

Students can receive one whistle each until whistles run out.

“If it catches on, we’ll order more,” said Hall.

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