Midnight fun & fitness

Whether you are a first-time college freshman or a “professional” student, the opening week of classes can be hectic. With each class attended, students learn about the mound of assignments they will be held responsible for over the course of the semester. It’s easy to become overwhelmed and beleaguered by the weight of the amassing stress, and the further we trek into each semester, the harder it can become to find relief.

To help students escape that first-week anxiety and develop healthy habits for the coming year, USF Campus Recreation will be celebrating its third annual Campus Rec ‘After Hours Event’ on Wednesday.

Instead of closing at the usual time, 11 p.m. on most weeknights, Campus Rec will celebrate the start of the new semester “fitness-style” by extending its hours until 2 a.m. The night will consist of several physical components, including basketball and a Dance Dance Revolution competition. The ‘After Hours Event’ will also showcase two featured events: dance fusion and glow

spin classes.

The dance fusion class will sample the various dance styles offered through the fitness classes – zumba, belly dancing, hip hop, line-dancing and more. Don’t worry if you can’t dance. The class is not a competition and everyone, regardless of experience, can join in.

The other featured event, glow spin, is a new twist on the ever-popular spin classes. As students walk through the door, each will receive glow stick bracelets. The lights will then be turned out, and students will bike through class lit by nothing but a black light and the wristbands.

Besides activities, there will also be music, free food and Campus Rec T-shirts. “The new aim of Campus Rec this semester is customer service. Any event that we put on, such as ‘After Hours,’ is for the benefit of the students,” said Krystal Vias, Group Fitness Supervisor.

Campus Rec ‘After Hours’ aims to promote healthy lifestyles. The event strives to make students realize that staying fit is a great way to deal with the stress of school. However, even if you don’t find yourself feeling stressed, this high-energy celebration simply offers a good time. Participants will have the chance to socialize with fellow students, meet instructors and learn about all the services at Campus Rec.

So if you find yourself feeling bogged down by new classes, want a way to get involved in campus life, or are looking for a fun and inexpensive time, check out the USF Campus Rec ‘After Hours Event,’ and start your semester off with some spirit.

For more information about the third annual Campus Rec ‘After Hours Event,’ go to usfweb2.usf.edu/camprec/Fitness/afterhours.html.