T-shirt campaign looks to unify school

Director of Student Life and Development, Megan Latchford, has been dreaming of a sea of green waving through USF stands for quite a while. Her dreams seem more promising than ever with the launch of the “Our Shirts” campaign.

Latchford said the campaign allows students to express and present unity, support and school spirit by collectively wearing the new and exclusive USF T-shirts during home games.

When she began the project a year ago, Latchford was the athletics coordinator for Student Government and said she was striving for a way to achieve a completely unified experience among the students during home games.

“Our teams are good enough, all we need is for the student body to rise to the occasion,” Latchford said. “We want to display two significant messages with the T-shirts: ‘this is our house, and this is our University.'”

Funding for the apparel resulted from a collaboration of $20,000 from the Athletics Department and $27,700 from the Student Government Senate.

Athletic Director Doug Woolard said there is an immense amount of energy behind this campaign.

“I am pleased with the work that Megan and the other students involved have done to make this a reality,” Woolard said.

“Student presence at athletic venues helps to make college games what they are (and) a look and feel like this will help create an even better environment.”

With increasing coverage of football home games on large national networks such as ESPN, Woolard said it’s a good time for USF students to come together and display their school pride.

“This type of look and feel will come across well,” Woolard said.

Ron Helinger, from Helinger Advertising in St. Petersburg, has been hired to manufacture the shirts. More than 200 of 1,400 shirts have been sold since June 14.

The shirts can be purchased at the Marshall Center information desk and are $5 for students and $6 for non-students (including tax). They will also be available, with sponsorship by Bulls Heaven, at the University home games at Raymond James Stadium.

“This is just another opportunity for USF to be outstanding,” said Latchford. “We’ve made strides in research, residence services, and as of late, athletics – specifically football. This T-shirt is going to give every USF fan the opportunity to do just that, at a really great price.”