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Robbery at bat-point, quarterback arrested over break

A man armed with a baseball bat stole a pizza – and only the pizza – from a Papa Jonh’s delivery man on campus last week, according to University Police.

The delivery man was taking the pie to a residence in Holly Apartments A on May 7 when the suspect – wearing a full-face ski mask – threatened him with a bat and stole the pizza before fleeing in a Toyota Camry, according to UP.

No injuries were reported and UP is continuing an investigation, UP said.

Grothe arrested at bar

Quarterback Matt Grothe was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of serving alcohol to a minor while working as a bartender at The Bulls Ring restaurant on April 19. Grothe’s employment at the restaurant didn’t violate any NCAA rules, and the 20-year-old sophomore could legally serve alcohol. Since the arrest, Grothe is no longer employed at The Bulls Ring. Grothe was not booked into county jail and did not have a bond set for his release, just a notice to appear in court later this month. The team has announced Grothe will not miss any playing time in the upcoming season as a result of the charges.

Faculty raise approved

After 10 months of contentious bargaining, the negotiation process for an annual reopening of the contract that governs faculty pay and benefits, officially came to an end May 3.

The contract will be applied retroactively and awards faculty a 3 percent, state mandated pay raise. It also set aside a 1.4 percent pool to be distributed based on annual performance.

The University Board of Trustees voted via conference call to approve the re-opener, which defines faculty raises, set up a memorandum of understanding concerning course assignments for the families of faculty members and provided two studies evaluating partner benefits and parental leave.

The faculty Union and BOT also agreed to set up a committee to evaluate the coverage options and funding sources for domestic partner health insurance for which state funds cannot be used.

– John Calkins, Brendan Galella, Joshua Neiderer.