ASRC releases unofficial budget

The Activity & Service Recommendation Committee (ASRC) released its most important document of the fiscal year Thursday afternoon.

According to its annual budget, ASRC will allocate more than $10 million to various areas of campus during the 2007-08 school year.

Although the budget hasbeen released, it will not become official until theStudent Government senate votes to approve it Tuesday. If passed, it will take effect in July when the fiscal yearturns over.

The majority of funds will go toward Student Programs and Services, which includes the Phyllis P. Marshall Center, the Campus Activity Board and the Recreation Center, among others. If the budget passes, Student Programs and Services can expect a 6.9 percent increase in funding, bringing its allocation to more than $6.5 million.

Even after an 0.8 percent cut in funding, SG will be the second highest-funded group, receiving slightly more than $2.15 million.Student organizations will receive more than $650,000. The money will be split between 155 clubs, councils and organizations.

The remainder of the funds will be placed in a mandatory reserve account.The allocations are funded by Activity and Service fees that students pay as part of their tuition. This year, students paid $8.08 per credit hour.