Breaking stereotypes

Women were adorned in sparkling cloth, and the aroma of exotic food wafted through the air while people of various backgrounds mingled and listened to rap music. It may not seem as though those things go together, but breaking stereotypes was the message of the night. The Muslim Student Association held “The Uniting Factor” on Monday evening as part of its message to the student body that not all Muslims are the same. Armed with a message of peace and understanding, Muslim rap group 3ilm took the stage midway through the night. The group, consisting of five performers and one manager, said its aim is focused toward younger generations of Muslims and non-Muslims to remind them that “everybody goes through hard situations, and right now, Muslims are going through hard times, but not all Muslims are terrorists.” The event displayed the customs of 10 different countries that are home to Muslimbelievers, including Ghana, Algeria, Bangladesh and Poland. BY NEWS EDITOR SUZANNE PARKS, ORACLE PHOTO/MARLOW GUM