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Sisterly dispute turns unruly in Holly during spring break

While some students traveled to exotic locations and others enjoyed quiet revelry at home during spring break, the USF police department faced excitement of a different sort on campus.

In the early hours on March 9, Officer Christopher Migliore and Sgt. Martin King responded to a domestic dispute in front of Holly Apartments E involving two sisters, international studies student Jessica Nan Engelhart and USF non-affiliate Jennifer Engelhart. At around 1:30 a.m., as the officers attempted to take Jennifer into custody for battery, Jessica ran toward Migliore screaming. King intercepted her and was slapped on the face and neck by Jessica, according to UP spokeswomen Lt. Meg Ross.

Jessica was taken into custody for battery on a law enforcement officer.

“Apparently, once it actually happened, (Jessica) didn’t want the sibling to go to jail, or she wanted to go with her, or something like that,” Ross said.

Both sisters were arrested, and Jessica was referred to Student Affairs.

On March 10 at about 6:30 p.m., UP officer Andrew Caffarelli pulled over USF student Abdul R. Al-Haj Hussein for driving a scooter without a license plate near parking lot 6.

According to the police report, Hussein became increasingly agitated as police searched the vehicle after finding it was not registered. On the scooter, police found ammunition for a .38 caliber weapon, which Hussein admitted was his. At this point, Hussein became visibly nervous, and police found a .25 caliber Astra pistol hidden behind the curb on which he was sitting.

After having been read his Miranda rights, Hussein admitted he had been carrying the pistol in his front right pocket.

“What is interesting that people might miss is that they found a box of ammunition that is a different caliber from the gun,” Ross said.

Hussein was referred to Student Affairs, which was unable to comment on either case, citing privacy laws.