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Zoe Beloff, Photographing the Unconscious

EVENT: Golding Endowment in Modern and Contemporary Art Lecture SeriesZoe Beloff, Photographing the Unconscious

TIME AND LOCATION:Monday, March 19th, 8pm FAH 290

The following is from a press release:

Zoe Beloff works with a variety of cinematic imagery: film, stereoscopic projection performance, interactive media and installation. She is engaged in reinvigorating technologies that have largely been abandoned since the invention of the cinema. Her works have been widely exhibited, including MOMA (museum of modern art) and the Whitney Biennale. Her lecture included a screening in 3D of her film “Charming Augustine.”

photo illustration

Photographer’s notes:

“Charming Augustine” is a first in a series of six installations or “video stages.” Beloff’s lecture discussed treatment of patients suffering from “Hysteria” as well as interpretations of Hysteria during the 1900’s.