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With election looming, here are the choices

As current senate president, Barclay Harless said he has the experience and background knowledge it will take to run Student Government for the 2007-08 school year.

Along with running mate Garin Flowers, Harless said he has been busy visiting different organizations and student groups to find out what the student body wants from their president.

According to Harless and Flowers, they plan to “put the student back in Student Government” by continuously visiting each organization even after election season is over, win or lose.

“We are going to as many organizations as possible right now, and then we’ll go back again after the elections, as well as the ones we were unable to make it to (before elections ended),” Harless said.

There are four main platforms they are campaigning for: A more unified student body, making SG more accountable, advocating for student life and becoming financially responsible on both the collegiate and state level.

Harless said that because of his involvement in SG, he has formed relationships with students in the various agencies, branches and departments of SG, as well as administrators in various departments on campus. He also said that if elected this will create less of a learning curve, and he and Flowers will have the opportunity to begin work sooner.

As a main initiative, Harless and Flowers said they will work toward rewriting the standards for the Grade Point Average plus/minus system so that it is more in line with universities around the state.

They also said that they plan to talk with administrators about the possibility of adding professor evaluations to the Class Schedule Search option, so that potential students can find out what former students have said about professors before registering.

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