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Asuncion / Caldwell

It’s all about involvement for presidential candidates Jessica Asuncion and running mate Tony Caldwell.

Aside from their combined 10 years on campus, Asuncion and Caldwell said they have a high level of involvement with student activities.

Between sorority and fraternity memberships, Volunteer USF participation, club sports participation, Student Government and Resident Assistant experience, and numerous other activities, Asuncion said she barely has time to sleep.

“I’ll get calls from her at 9 a.m. saying ‘Come on, get up, we need to go campaign,'” Caldwell said. “She is always staying busy with something.”

The duo said it is this high level of involvement that sets them apart from the opposing ticket.

Asuncion said that her former role as president for Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority and current position as director for Dance Marathon have aided her leadership abilities.

According to the pair, they feel they have a better understanding of what the student body would want from a president because of their involvement, but if elected the presidency would take priority over other activities.

Their slogan is simple. They are “Keeping the C.A.U.S.E. (Community, Activity, Unity, Students, Experience) fresh,” and if elected they plan to actively push for a Wellness Center that would house Student Health Services, the Counseling Center and the Recreation Center all under one roof.

According to Caldwell, their next objective is to maintain and create more traditions, such as Midnight Mania or Round-Up, and to increase student participation and involvement on campus.

Caldwell said the University is stuck in a cycle of low alumni donations. He explained that because of USF’s lack of traditions and activities, students aren’t graduating with the fond memories that other state universities might produce. Therefore, former students aren’t as willing to donate, which spawns fewer activities for students on campus.

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