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Politically conscious hip-hop

Firing off emotionally charged lyrics and beats, Sol.illaquists of Sound (SOS) is attempting to make a statement through its music in hopes that it will influence listeners to be critical thinkers of the world around them.

According to, the band’s name means “n. 1 – a play on words describing an individual whose efforts in searching for ones self reveal his/her soul to an audience, often through some type of art medium. 2 – One who recognizes his/her self and the reflection of self in those around them.”

SOS is made up of Swamburger, lead MC and vocal polyrhythmatician; Alexandrah, lead vocalist; Tonya Combs, back-up vocalist; and DiViNCi, beat master, producer and engineer. In the past year, they have had their share of ups and downs.

The band has gone from touring with fellow forward-thinking hip-hopper Sage Francis, to being evicted from their home in Orlando for having more than three non-family members living together, to snagging a three-CD deal with Epitaph/Anti and releasing their debut CD, As if We Existed.

These events are best summarized in the last four lines from their song “Transformation:” “Sever your image from your being / ideas from what you’re seeing. / And it don’t stop here / even when the traffic appears. / Congested areas are a lot like peers. / But once they understand you got goals to accomplish / they’ll recognize your path / so stay on it.”

SOS is a collection of like-minded individuals on a similar path, or as DaViNCi said to the Orlando Weekly, “We are a family, further affirmed by the very definition of family, which includes two or more people who share goals or values, have long-term commitments to one another and who reside in the same dwelling place.” However, each member of SOS brings to the table his or her own unique talents and perspectives to share with listeners. In a time when radio-friendly hip-hop does not seem to address such pertinent topics such as family or community in an ever-changing world, SOS brings to the forefront a much needed and refreshing voice that challenges listeners to examine such topics for themselves.

Sol.illaquists of Sound comes to Tampa on Friday to play a show at The Crowbar in Ybor. They will be accompanied by SKIP and local bands Tribal Style and Red Tide. The show will be one of SOS’s last before heading home to Orlando for their finale at The Social.