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The Kooks

Someone in The Kooks has had their heart broken, and it sounds like it has happened more than once. However, the beauty of Inside In/Inside Out is that lyrically a lot of the songs start by telling a sad story, and finish by recognizing that the singer is better off without that “rotten” girl. They realize that pining for a lost love may not always be worth it. The quartet almost sounds vindicated by the end of each song. “Don’t you think you went too far? Do you want to see my heart bleed? For you, you and him, him and you … All of us, we’re going out tonight, we’re going to walk all over your cars …” Lead singer Luke Pritchard wails on “Matchbox.” Inside In/Inside Out has fifteen impressive tracks, all of which have their own personality. But don’t worry, this CD is anything but kooky.