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Love at first bite

Blood and Chocolate, which opens Friday, is about a teenage werewolf girl who falls in love with a human. The star, Agnes Bruckner, who plays Vivian, recently talked to school newspapers from around the country about the movie and the experience she had filming it.

On Wolf Camp:

“Wolf Camp was actually awesome; it probably was my favorite part of the movie because we had three weeks before doing the movie. We were all there. My favorite part was this thing called free running. It’s a huge thing in London, a bunch of guys started it. I don’t know, but this one guy that was there with us, his name is Kirby, he was 18 at the time, really young.

These guys, they go and they jump from roof to roof and jump off buildings and all these crazy stunts. I don’t think they even have pads on. We learned the basics of that, which really helped the movie, just because when you watch wolves and animals run, they are so free and very non-choreographed. It looks so easy when they do that kind of stuff.”

On her character:

“She is kind of like just a regular teenage girl that is also a werewolf, and she wants to have a normal life, go to work and having friends and falling in love and having a family – being just kind of normal. But at the same time, she does like her family and she has loyalty to the wolf pack, the whole werewolf society.”

On the movie:

“It’s not one of those movies that you have to sit there and have to figure out who’s the bad guy and you have to figure out all these things, sit there and think, and your brain goes bananas. It’s one of those movies, you (don’t) necessarily know what is going to happen, but you just enjoy it. There is action, there’s love, there’s cute guys and there’s hot werewolf girls. It’s a fun movie, but at the same time it has a lot of depth.”

On the book:

“I am not a huge book person. I am much more of a visual person; I love movies more than books. When I went in and met with the director (Katja von Garnier) and ended up getting the part, she told me about the book and she told me the whole story behind the book. But at the same time, it’s so hard to take a book, and especially a longer book, and turn it into a movie just because you would have to make a four-hour movie in order to do that. It took all the important and interesting things in the book and put it into the movie. I didn’t go back and read it. I didn’t read it before I did the movie, just because I knew it was going to be different and I wanted to stay with what was in the script and stay with that character and that movie.”

On the action:

“The action scenes were just so interesting. It was just such a different thing. I felt like an action figure. It was weird. There were days when I had harnesses on and I flew through the air with these cables to do fight sequences. I watched them afterwards, and I was like, ‘Wow I really look like I am kicking that person’s butt.’ I felt like an action star. It was so much fun and so interesting and challenging at the same time.”