‘The sound of progress’ pounds campus

The cacophony of sound students heard careening off campus walls Monday was not the pounding of another early semester headache. According to Phyllis P. Marshall Center Director Joe Synovec, it’s “the sound of progress.”

Slated for completion in May of 2008, the new Marshall Center has passed initial demolition stages and begun construction, entering its fourth phase of design and planning.

Upon completion, the new student union will stand four stories tall and cover 230,000 square feet. It will boast amenities such as a non-denominational meditation room, a 1,200-seat ballroom and a sports bar-and-grill for a total cost of $64 million.

“All the demolition (of the former Special Events Center) is complete and the ground has been leveled,” Synovec said. “Now they’re moving full speed ahead on the foundation.”

The process of preparing the foundation began in December, but Synovec said he didn’t receive any complaints until Monday, when the sound became markedly louder.

The offices of Student Government overlook the construction site. The noise seeps through the walls and the floor shakes mildly, but SG senate Pro Tempore Nathan Davison keeps a positive outlook on the situation.

“It’s a necessary evil,” he said. “While it’s a little distracting, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs.”

According to Synovec, the pounding should stop by early February.