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Fired-up student sprays hall with extinguisher

Christopher Hopkins wanted a cigarette. What he got was a felony charge.

Early Sunday morning at approximately 2:30, Hopkins lit up a cigarette inside the Epsilon residence hall. Resident assistants told him smoking was not permitted and he would have to put out his cigarette.

Then, an angered Hopkins allegedly ripped a fire extinguisher off the wall and began spraying foam, which set off a fire alarm and resulted in the evacuation of the building, according to University Police.

“He wasn’t very happy,” UP spokesman Mike Klingebiel said.

Hopkins was arrested and sent to the Hillsborough County jail for preventing the extinguishment of a fire, a third-degree felony.

“Basically, what you’re doing is preventing a future fire from being extinguished,” Klingebiel said.

Hopkins has been released from jail and his case will be sent to Student Affairs, according to UP.

In the full report, the arresting officer wrote that he believed alcohol was involved, but Klingebiel couldn’t comment to what extent. No breathalyzer test was administered.

Aside from residue from the fire extinguisher on the floor, the incident didn’t cause any damage to the building, Klingebiel said.