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Health centers set plans for upcoming semester

Though the Counseling Center and Student Health Center are still in the process of planning events for the spring semester, they have plenty of topics on the table.

“One thing we usually do in the spring is our annual Health Fair,” said Holly Rayko, co-ordinator for Student Health Services. “In March, we’ll have different things going on for spring break.”

The Health Fair will take place March 27 and includes free health screenings and door prizes.

Student Health Services will have events scheduled during National Eating Disorders Awareness Week in February, and the entire month is National Condom Month.

“In February, that’s actually Sexual Responsibility Week, usually the week of Valentine’s Day, ironically,” Rayko said.

The Counseling Center will hold Alcohol Screening Day in April with support from the Health Center, which will give out information.

“Typically we do some type of a program (for Alcohol Screening Day) or something educational, and then a screening,” said Leonard Kirklen, instructor for the Counseling Center.

The Student Health Center will concentrate on sexually transmitted infections prevention and education in April, as it is STI Awareness Month.

This spring, the primary focus of the Counseling Center will be a series of workshops called the Student Success Series (SSS).

According to Kirklen, there are four parts planned for this series.

The first component is academic skills workshops, which includes programs on study skills, test taking, test anxiety, time management and textbook reading. According to Kirklen, these workshops traditionally are offered mid semester over one week and then again toward the end of the semester.

The second component is personal development workshops. The titles for this semester are not yet definite, but topics offered in the fall included stress management and overcoming self-defeating and negative thinking.

“For our graduate students we do a thesis and dissertation workshop, and we’ll be doing that again in the spring,” Kirklen said.

The third component is a leadership series sponsored by the Counseling Center, the Career Center and the Office of Engagement and Involvement. This usually consists of 12 programs, each on Wednesdays at noon, and will start in January in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

“The Counseling Center tends to offer programs on effective decision making, seven habits of highly effective people, overcoming procrastination, perfectionism; we may offer a stress management program as part of the leadership series,” Kirklen said.

The fourth and final component, the wellness series, was offered for the first time in the fall. This series is done by a Student Affairs subgroup known as Team Wellness, which consists of members from the Counseling Center, Student Health Services and Campus Recreation.

“A lot of the things we do are in collaboration with Team Wellness,” Rayko said.

Last semester, Student Health Services and the Counseling Center offered programs on fad diets, safer sex, learning to relax, getting to sleep and helping find Mr. or Mrs. Right.

The Counseling Center is also considering a series of programs on enhancing self-esteem for the spring, an eating disorders awareness screening and a workshop on relationships.