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For two hours, administrators opening their doors to students

Students will have the opportunity to mingle with top administrators at USF during a special event Tuesday at the Administration building.

Nine offices in the building will be open to students from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. for the We Are The World celebration, during which students can meet the University’s leadership while exploring various cultures of the world through native dress and cuisine.

The committee planning the event hopes to encourage students to speak with administrators and learn how each office works to “contribute to the university experience,” said Assistant Dean of Students Keri Riegler. It would also like students to use the time to learn about the cultures that will be represented, Riegler added.

The staff of each office has chosen a major city that will serve as that office’s theme for the decorations, clothing and food during the event. The Office of the President will become New Delhi, allowing students to experience the culture and food of India. Other represented cities include Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Arusha, Tanzania.

Students attending the event will receive a passport that can be signed by the various administrators as students explore the building. After visiting the offices, the passports can be redeemed as an entry into numerous drawings that may win students prizes such as gift certificates to the USF Bookstore or an iPod.

This event is not the first administrative open house to be held at USF, but it is the first time this many major offices have become involved. In 2005, Student Affairs hosted a holiday open house that received an overwhelmingly positive response, Riegler said. This year, numerous offices in the building, such as the Offices of the Provost and University Relations, wanted to participate, giving birth to Tuesday’s event.

Funding and planning for the We Are The World celebration is provided by Student Affairs as well as each of the participating offices. Admission is free.