SG Supreme Court denies requests for SGAS hearing

The Student Government Supreme Court was held a special meeting to decide whether to hear the case Student Government Administrative Services (SGAS) v. SG, as outlined before them in two separate writs authored by David Brickhouse, the director of the Department of Governmental Relations and Legislative Advocacy.

According to Supreme Court Chief Justice Kevin Williams, the court chose to deny SG’s requests – represented by Brickhouse – for two hearings that claimed SGAS was working without a formal Rules of Procedure guide and had violated its own statutes by operating under skewed hiring practices.

As stated in one of the writs, SGAS is responsible for writing a rules of procedure that the staff must follow. Instead of a formal rules of procedure guide, SGAS has been using an employee handbook in its place.

The second writ detailed how SGAS has improperly hired too many comptroller assistants and left other key positions open for up to six months – the main position in question being internal auditor. Other issues rose from the lack of a clear definition of roles within the office. With the lack of certain positions filled, duties were shifted to accommodate.

The Supreme Court has not yet released a formal opinion, per its rules of procedure. Due to the holiday break, one is expected to be posted early next week.

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