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SG listens to students’ concerns

Music filled the air Tuesday afternoon as WBUL broadcast live from the Student Government Forum outside the Phyllis P. Marshall Center. Students were given the opportunity to meet with representatives from all three branches of SG and discuss concerns they might have about campus life.

According to Sen. Maureen Murphy, somewhere between 400 and 500 students turned out to talk with SG and partake of free pizza and prizes. Murphy, along with other members of the Organizational Outreach Committee, ran the event as a part of SG’s Visi-Bull campaign, a project aimed at getting more students involved around campus.

“The main point was to get students on campus there, to see what affects them the most,” Sen. Matt Coppens said.

In order to receive a piece of pizza, students were first asked to fill out comment cards with suggestions or concerns for SG.

According to Murphy, more than 400 cards were submitted with a wide range of concerns. Student concerns varied, from issues with parking to tuition increases; two even were concerned about safety at Magnolia Apartments. Murphy said she and the OOC will spend the next two weeks looking over the cards and coming up with ways to improve upon the suggestions.

“This is just one way you can meet your student leaders and they can hear your concerns,” Murphy said.

Aside from mingling with SG and receiving free food, students were given the opportunity to try their luck on the Spin-A-Bull Wheel for various USF and SG prizes. If contestants answered a USF or SG question correctly, they won a beach ball or a T-shirt. Questions included such things as: “Who is the current USF president?” and “What is the amount you pay in Activity and Service Fees per credit hour?”

Shirley Reyes, a junior majoring in microbiology, said she was unaware that SG was holding an event, and just happened to be walking by.

“I think this is important for students just so you can get your voice out there,” she said.

Those in charge agreed that the event was a success and are looking toward another opportunity to hold a similar event.

“I just really look at this as a time to meet more people – who knows, maybe even get more people in senate,” Sen. Sheldon Tomlinson said.