Letters to the Editor

Ann Coulter has a right to share her opinion

I am happy Ann Coulter will be coming to USF on Thursday and will be speaking at the Sun Dome.

Everyone has opinions and the right to express them, even if they are thought as radical perspectives. Although I personally disagree with many of her positions, I still support her right to share them.

I’ve heard about a protest that’s going to be held because of her speech. My thoughts on the protest are that students came to a university to expand their horizons, and shutting people out by staging protests undermines that.

Either you’ll go and listen to her, or you won’t – plain and simple. If you don’t want to listen to what she talks about, then don’t show up. She’s coming, and no one is going to stop her from coming or stop her from speaking once she gets here, least of all by having a walk-out while she’s speaking.

The speakers of the University Lecture Series were invited to USF because there is a large demand for them. These speakers are guests, and students should treat them with civility and respect even if they disagree with their views.

Cheryl Ann Little is a junior majoring in mathematics.

Ann Coulter should not speak on USF’s campus

Ann Coulter is a dishonest, shrill, hatemongering hypocrite. I do not agree with the decision to have her speak on campus, and I am furious the money to pay her to do so is coming out of my student fees.

I do not object to conservative speakers in general, but to Ms. Coulter in particular. She has made, both in print and on radio/television, innumerable statements that I find both offensive and personally insulting. She has called those who share my social and political views godless traitors and worse. She has lied repeatedly in print, and I very much doubt she has anything worthwhile to share with the students of USF.

She represents everything that is wrong with political discourse, and I plan to protest this, peacefully, in any way I can.

Alex Schneiderman is a junior majoring in masscommunications.