Letters to the Editor

Guns on campus aren’t deadly until they are fired

Re: “State attorney to decide whether to charge student,” by John Calkins, Oct. 5.

I think the University Police is very sadly mistaken by claiming the Kel-Tec Sub 2000 submachine gun found on campus is “the most dangerous weapon found on campus in 15 years.” I think students would all agree the most dangerous gun on campus in the last 15 years was the one used to kill Ronald Stem at Magnolia Apartments in February.

Of course, this shouldn’t have happened because guns are not allowed on campus, right? Perhaps if a law-abiding citizen such as Mr. Stem had been allowed to carry a firearm for self-defense on campus, he wouldn’t have been murdered by those little thugs that night.

Thugs don’t read the University’s rules or the laws that prohibit the possession of firearms on campus. The state Legislature and campus officials are foolish to think that preventing law-abiding citizens from carrying guns on campus will stop crime. Everyone else in Florida can carry a gun for self-defense, but anyone who attends or works at a state university is prevented from doing so on campus, and criminals know it now.

Daniel E. Warrensford Jr. is a graduate student majoring in chemistry.