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UP concerned after finding two pellet guns on campus

University Police referred pre-engineering student Bryan P. Watson to Student Affairs after a witness reported he pointed a BB gun replica of a .45 outside a window at Cypress building D, Monday afternoon.

No criminal charges were filed. According to UP Spokesman Sgt. Michael Klingebiel, the student said he was trying to shoot at a wasp nest outside the building at about 3:10 p.m.

Earlier in the day, English instructor Joyce Karpay reported finding a replica of an AK 47 underneath her car in the parking lot in between the Library and the Collins Blvd. Parking Facility. In light of these two incidents, UP is requesting students get rid of any and all pellet and Airsoft guns.

“No guns should be on campus,” UP spokesman Michael Klingebiel said. “At first glance, a lay person – even a seasoned officer – could mistake these weapons as real and nothing but tragedy could come of that.

“If residents have these in their rooms, they really need to get them out,” Klingebiel said.