Threat charges dropped

Last spring, Nabil Mouad entered the Athletic Facility with hopes of retrieving a highlight tape of himself playing soccer.

On Tuesday, Mouad faced a judge for the first time since. After five minutes in the courtroom, Mouad was notified that his charges would be dropped in accordance with a deal set by men’s soccer coach George Keifer and defense attorney Lyann Goudie. Instead of serving time for charges of threatening to set off a destructive device – a second degree felony – and assault, Mouad will be deported back to his home country of Morocco.

“Keifer felt genuine concern (for Mouad),” defense attorney Lyann Goudie said. “Everybody was in agreement that this was the best idea for him.”

Mouad, a 20-year-old Moroccan, had been in the Athletic Facility several times attempting to join the men’s soccer team. Although not a student, he submitted a video of his playing in hopes it would spark interest among the coaches. When informed by Keifer that his tape could not be found, Mouad became irate.

According to a University Police report, on Feb. 6 Mouad began to chase Keifer, yelling statements such as: “I am a Moroccan! I am going to blow you up!”

Mouad had purchased a one-way plane ticket to Morocco before the incident occurred and was scheduled to leave Feb. 8, Goudie said.

Until Mouad can be transferred to a local detention center he will remain at Falkenburg Road Jail. Mouad will start the deportation process from the detention center, but the length of time the process will take is undetermined.

“It’s hard to tell,” Goudie said. “Probably about three weeks up to a month.”

Mouad was reported to have psychological issues prior to his arrest and was believed to have stopped taking medication for his condition.

“Nabil’s got some issues but by no means is he a terrorist,” Goudie said. “He is a very nice and good person but he definitely has mental issues that aren’t being treated.”