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Letters to the Editor

Greeks, Aguirre not needed in SG

Re: “Ticket sales raise fairness questions,” by Ryan Blackburn, Sept. 5.

By now, everyone can agree that Student Government goofed up big. But what about Charlie Aguirre? Hasn’t anyone thought of the fact that he could be selling these tickets for three to four times the amount he paid?

Sure, he said he did this because he wanted to “unite” the Greeks so they can all go to the game together. That is garbage. The thing the Greeks do best is divide and segregate students. Most of those organizations have at least one other Greek organization they do not get along with.

If each Greek organization wanted tickets, they should have walked their lazy selves out of Greek Village and to the Phyllis P. Marshall Center like every other student. The truth is, this guy is using student money (Activity and Service fees) for his own personal gain. If anyone out there knows whether he is reselling tickets, he needs to be turned in. Furthermore, I don’t think we need these kinds of people in SG.

Jose Pizarro is a junior majoring in business and statistics.

SG gives Greeks preferential treatment

Re: “Ticket sales raise fairness questions,” by Ryan Blackburn, Sept. 5.

I am outraged by the way the ticket sales for the UCF game were handled. It appears as though Student Government has once again given Greeks the preferred treatment the rest of the student body deserves. While SG has come out and said that no preferential treatment exists and students had the same opportunities as Greeks did, I say, “If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…”

This isn’t the first time Greeks have benefited at the hands of SG – and I’m sure it won’t be the last, unless students take a stand and really let SG know they’re tired of the kickbacks taking place.

SG said if it had capped the ticket sales, it would have been self-defeating and might not have lead to the sellout.

So, this tells me that SG is more concerned with meeting quotas and looking good on paper as opposed to ensuring the widest variety of students get served.

What about the students who aren’t Greek who waited hours to get their hands on two measly tickets and were told to pay $30 or go home? Are they to be punished because they weren’t part of an elitist organization that undermined the system? Since when have the perks of being a student been based on who you know and not your desire to be an active student? Oh wait a second … I recall a certain concert last year.

SG needs to wake up and see the problems it’s creating for itself. So what if it limited sales to five or 10 tickets and 400 Greeks got irritated? I’m no statistician, but I’m willing to guess the number of non-Greeks far outweighs 400.

Tiffany Dubry is a junior majoring in elementary education.