Take 5 with sophomore wide receiver Taurus Johnson

Oracle: Do you have any rituals before games?

Taurus Johnson: Before the game, we turn off the lights (in the locker room) and gather our thoughts. Sometimes I pray, and our receiving core will pray together.

O: If there was a movie about Taurus Johnson, who would play you?

TJ: That’s a good question. I’d probably have to say (musician, actor) Tyrese Gibson. I have the same resemblance of what he does. He played high school football. He works out a lot; I work out a lot. We kind of have the same attitude of what we want to accomplish.

O: Have you ever met anyone famous?

TJ: I met Cadillac (Williams). I went to a Bucs game last year, and after the game I went in the locker room. I was talking to him about college, and (I asked him), ‘How do you get to the next level?’ I talked to him for a good 20 minutes.

O: Is there anyone in the NFL you resemble or want to resemble?

TJ: It was Terrell Owens at first until he got a cocky attitude. Definitely Jerry Rice. He’s a humble guy, (and) he’s done it all.

O: After your big game against Florida International (two touchdowns), have you gotten more recognition off the field?

TJ: People started calling that I haven’t heard from in about a year or two … Wow, all because of one game?

O: Do you like getting attention like that?

TJ: Not really. I kind of stick to my truth. I don’t like all of a sudden new faces coming around me. After the game, I had like 30 missed calls, and I hadn’t heard from some of those people in so long.