Senators appointed, sworn in at weekly meeting

The second Student Government senate meeting, held Tuesday night, proved to be longer than expected. Senators spent nearly an hour asking questions and voting for members to be elected to the Activity and Service Recommendation Committee.

Per election standards, five primary senators may be elected to the committee and two alternates may be voted in to stand in place of a primary senator who may have resigned or been asked to leave.

The five primary senators included Chirag Vijapura, Faraz Hashmi, Erin Fisher, Kyle Neal and one of the newest senators, Matt Coppens. The two alternate senators elected were Kyle Swanson and Andi Murray.

ASRC is responsible for making decisions pertaining to the allocation of students’ Activity and Service fees to different organizations and projects.

Other highlights from the meeting included the addition of three new senators to office. Coppens, Etaf Rum and Sheldon Tomlinson were sworn in, officially giving them senatorial power.