Simply Chic

Have you ever gone to the mall looking for that perfect outfit? You find something that looks great on the model in the store, but while you’re in the fitting room, you realize it doesn’t look as good as you hoped. But you buy it anyway, figuring since it looked great on the mannequin, it should look great on you – right? Wrong!

Many fits, styles, colors and trends can look great on one person, but not as good on another. And that’s OK – fashion is about expressing yourself, not the person who sits next to you in class. Everyone has a different shape and fit, and to look your best, you have to choose the things that fit the best and make you feel fabulous. Of course, you also have to keep it within a college budget.

Dressing to your figure can be hard to do. You want those skinny jeans that everyone has been wearing, but they aren’t as flattering on you. Or maybe you love the belt high around your waist, one of the season’s hottest trends, but it doesn’t look so hot on you.

Don’t feel bad. Clothes are supposed to make you feel great about yourself, so find something that does. Instead of trying to squeeze into those jeans that don’t fit quite right, find a pair that fits perfectly. Everyone’s shape is different, and that’s why there are different cuts of pants. Instead of choosing the skinny jeans, try a pair of trouser jeans – another hot trend this season – that gives a bit more room in the leg.

Shoes can also change your look. A common misconception is pointy-toed shoes make your feet look bigger. They actually make your legs look longer. For those who were not blessed with Heidi Klum’s fantastic legs, try a pair of pointy-toed black pumps. If you are worried about comfort, try a shoe with a smaller heel and a half-size bigger so your toes won’t feel squished.

Another great piece for the fall and winter months is the jacket. Brown is always a good choice because it can be worn with just about anything. Also try a three-quarter length sleeve, which can be more practical in the Florida weather.

A great jacket can also be very flattering to your figure. Some girls do have those great long legs, but their torsos may be a bit tiny. For this, I recommend a jacket that sits right at your waist. This style will accent your curves and make your torso appear longer.

The `80s have been coming back in full force. While most things should remain in 1985, some styles can really be fun to play with. What is hot this year is the oversized shirt, which can look great on any shape. Be careful with this one, though. If worn wrong, you can appear frumpy rather than fabulous. Find a shirt that hugs a bit tighter around the hips, which provides some shape and makes curves visible. With this style, you can also show a tad more cleavage because the fit is blousier and not as revealing in other places. Stay away from shirts that are tight and short, as they can be too revealing.

Pair these oversized shirts with some slim-fitting jeans that accent your hips, avoiding a baggy look. A good rule of thumb is if your shirt is a bit tight and revealing, wear a bottom that is more conservative. If your bottoms are snug, choose a looser top. This will give you a much classier look. Another trick that can help a blousy shirt look more becoming is the large belt high around the waist to hug your curves.

Let’s not forget about budget. Express always has hot styles, and while it can be very pricey, it has great sales and coupons available. Target is another place to find great outfits for men and women at affordable prices. Everything from tops to shoes to accessories is available in the latest trends for the lowest prices and agood quality.

Forever 21 also has some hidden treasures if you look, and it can be a great place to get ideas just from looking at the mannequins. It also has a great selection of trendy jewelry at a very cheap price. I recommend these places for the fashions that will be in and out quickly, since you don’t want to break the bank.

Just because your style might not resemble Kristin Cavalleri of Laguna Beach doesn’t mean it’s not trendy. Take a look you love and make it your own. Don’t be afraid to be bold and make a statement.