SG deals with gameday transportation woes

After an outpouring of student complaints over Student Government’s lack of transportation to the Sept. 2 football game against McNeese State, changes were made and more buses were offered for this weekend’s game.

According to student body Vice President Faran Abbasi, many students were already waiting to board when he arrived outside the USF theaters Saturday afternoon.

“I got there at 4:30, and everyone that was there was able to board a bus for the game,” Abbasi said. “Those buses then left at around 4:45 p.m.”

Abbasi further explained that the first set of students to leave filled four buses while four more buses remained on campus.

After a short period of time, two more buses were filled and departed for the game while the remaining two stayed in the parking lot until 6:30 p.m. for any students who were running late. No confirmation could be made regarding whether those buses made it to the game.

Abbasi has been working with Frank Kerney, the director of Student Life and Development for SG, to ensure no student is denied transportation to any of the USF home games.

Kerney said he will be holding a meeting today to discuss more options for student transportation, but there are no plans to transport students to away games.

“We will not be providing transportation to the UCF game this Saturday,” Kerney said. “We tried to focus this year on reduced-price tickets.”

SG has worked in conjunction with UCF to provide students discounted tickets to the upcoming game. Tickets will go on sale this morning at the Phyllis P. Marshall Center Info Desk for $5. Any student wishing to purchase more than one ticket must present a valid USF ID card per ticket.