Take 5 with junior cornerback Trae Williams

Oracle: Is there a funny nickname everyone seems to call you?

Trae Williams: I used to be called Pistol Slinger. That one came about just because I was really fast and I used to run like I was shot out of a pistol.

O: Favorite sports movie?

TW: The Program.

O: Do you have a pregame ritual, such as something you always have to do before a game?

TW: I have to listen to Tupac. The one (song) he has with Phil Collins (“In the Air Tonight”). I have to listen to that one.

O: Any woman to have a dream date with, who would she be?

TW: That’s a hard question, since there’s so many. Probably (singer) Christina Milian.

O: If they were to make a Trae Williams movie, who would play Trae Williams?

TW: (Laughs). Well, Denzel (Washington) is kind of old now. I don’t really know now, but I’ll get somebody handsome.