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Desperate set juicy as promised

If you’re anything like me, you feel you can’t miss an episode of Desperate Housewives. However, despite my best efforts, I have managed to miss a few. Fortunately, the complete second season of the show has just been released on DVD.

The first five discs show all 24 episodes, with five episodes on each disc. The real fun starts on disc six, the one with the “extra juicy” bonus features.

It starts with “Marc and Mom,” an interview with show creator Marc Cherry and his mother, who acts as his muse and inspiration for the show. Cherry talks about making the characters strong women like his mother, even though many would view them as simple housewives. Cherry also reveals some parts of his childhood – many of which make it into the show – and how the neighborhood he grew up in was the inspiration for Wisteria Lane.

Cherry’s mother also shares the frustrations she had as a housewife and talking care of her children while her husband was off traveling for work. Sound familiar? Desperate Housewives viewers know Lynette’s situation on the show is very similar. Cherry admits to seeing his mother as a Lynette when he was a young child and a Bree when he was a teenager.

The next stop on the bonus disc is one of my favorites. “Desperate Role Models” is a piece on women’s roles as they have become more modern, and it includes interviews with TV housewives from the past. These role models include Shirley Jones from The Partridge Family, Jane Wyatt from Father Knows Best, Patricia Richardson from Home Improvement, Marion Ross from Happy Days and more.

The role models talk about how the women of Wisteria Lane are more fresh and realistic to women’s roles in society. Many of the “housewives” felt their roles as 1950s homemakers were unrealistic, portraying a woman who cooks and cleans and doesn’t speak up. Desperate Housewives puts a modern spin on the housewife and shows a side of women that is strong and powerful.

Missed some of the first season? Can’t remember where the story left off? Well, a section titled “The Whole Story” gives a quick overview of Season 1. Another feature is “Desperate Housewives the Game.” This is a trailer for the computer game that will be released in October. If you put disc six in a computer, you can play a demo of the game where you can be your favorite housewife. The disc also features deleted scenes, unaired storylines and more.

This box set is juicy and delicious and is a must-have for any Desperate Housewives fan.