Student arrested, jailed after scuffle on campus

A USF student sat in jail Wednesday night after he allegedly struck Jason Spratt, associate dean of students for Student Judicial Services, in Spratt’s office on Tuesday afternoon.

Thomas Wayne Marshall, 27, of Port Richey, was arrested on suspicion of battery on a University official, resisting arrest without violence and disrupting a campus function.

He was being held at Orient Road jail in lieu of $2,750 bail.According to a University Police report filed by officer Martin King, Marshall attacked Spratt at about 3:30 p.m., as Spratt was conducting an official Student Affairs inquiry into Marshall’s previous actions. As associate dean, Spratt routinely meets with violators of the student code of conduct.

“Basically, there was a student in a meeting with Student Affairs, and that student got so upset that he attacked Jason Spratt,” UP spokesman Michael Klingebiel said.

Spratt was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

In King’s report, the 6-foot-7-inch, 285 pound Marshall lunged over a desk and hit Spratt in his face and upper body several times before placing Spratt in a chokehold.

Spratt eventually gained control of the situation and was able to defend himself, the report said. The two continued to exchange blows until Spratt was able to subdue Marshall.

UP officers arrived on scene minutes later, Klingebiel said.

According to the report, Spratt sustained minor lacerations around his mouth and knuckles and was treated at the scene.

Marshall, who received a laceration to his forehead, had to be restrained by officers after attempting to overpower arrest efforts, the report said.

Additional details were unavailable as officers are still investigating.