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Letters to the Editor

Death count doesn’t add up

Re: “Death on display,” Tristan Wheelock, July 13.

While I applaud Ms. King’s exercise of her freedom of speech and ambitious display of civilian deaths caused by the War on Terror, I cannot comprehend Ms. King’s failure to the Iraqi citizens for so long.

Where was Ms. King when the people of Iraq were being tortured and killed by their “beloved” president? Where was Ms. King and her hand-made numbers when Iraqi women were being raped and humiliated in the streets of Baghdad by Saddam’s “loving” sons? Where was Ms. King’s outrage when Saddam trained thousands of radical Islamic militants? Where was Ms. King’s childish count when Saddam killed 30,000 of his own citizens?

Counting death may be a fun activity, but in the real world we look at the whole picture. Ms. King’s denial can be the only explanation in her failure to comprehend reality.

Blake Bell is a senior majoring in political science.