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Letter to the Editor

Kudos to the Oracle’s editor for encouraging lively debate on the Iraqi death count display on Wendy King’s office window. I am often incensed by raw factual information that does not reinforce my selfish tendencies. She did not even jazz it up with fancy statistics or quotes from sentimental anti-war songs.

I prefer to hear it this way: The Iraqis have incurred at least 14 World Trade Centers at the hands of the United States and can look forward to more. I am proud that my country can exact such brutal revenge even though none of the Sept. 11 hijackers were Iraqi. It serves them right for living under such an awful dictator for so many years.

Honest open dialogue bores me, but yelling and screaming at my detractors really gets my blood pumping. I love the patriots that mimic the WWE histrionics on shows like Crossfire and The O’Reilly Factor. Personally, I am often enraged by the enormous Red Cross “Days Till Hurricane Season” signs I see by the side of the road. As an American, I think that if they were really so concerned about my safety, they would buy my supplies for me. I am much too busy trying to grab as much stuff as I can as I strive to be the first off of the cliff of sanity.

Susan Dickerson is a senior majoring in English.