Letters to the Editor

Zidane column unfair, biased

Re: “Soccer needed that head butt,” Tony Marquis, July 10

I am writing you regarding your article on Zinedine Zidane. I am really disappointed when I read this kind of bull – (because that is what it is) in the Oracle. How do you dare writie about a sport that you don’t know nothing about and say these things?

You want to know why so many people around the world hate American people nowadays? Because people read articles like yours and believe what they read. What makes you think that the American way is the right way to do things? Do you even read the news? Soldiers in Iraq are dying everyday and you think that the American way is worth it? I have no problem with you being proud to be American but stop this crap about you are the best in the whole world.

I am so pissed at reading you saying that Zidane’s gesture was a favor to soccer. What do you know about it? I cannot believe that people like you can be associate editor in college newspapers when I read this kind of articles. I thought journalism was about being fair and not judging on something that you have no idea about. Watch soccer for several years, understand what is going in the rest of the world instead of watching FOX News and maybe you’ll write something that is worth reading. Stop thinking that you are the best and that the world should evolve (sic) around America.

You’ll do a favor to every student that might read your articles.

Matthieu Tincq is a junior majoring in marketing.

Marquis article is hurting the Oracle

Re: “Soccer needed that head butt,” Tony Marquis, July 10

First of all, I would like to tell you that I am a big supporter of the Oracle. I believe it is a good way for students to become more educated about everything that is going on around campus, and even the world. However, one of your staff members is absolutely ruining the Oracle’s reputation. Tony Marquis’ latest article about the World Cup issue with Zinedine Zidane was ludacris (sic). First of all, this guy obviously has no idea of anything to do with soccer, which he admitted by saying “World Cup soccer is slow, in fact, I made a point of not watching for the entire duration.”

If he really does not like it, than why assign him such reports? Tony has also made

situations for some of the athletic teams at this university even harder to deal with, for example his reports about the women’s soccer team, let alone the volleyball team. I would think the University’s newspaper could at least support its own teams. Honestly, I felt very disrespected by such reports.

Not to mention some of the French people that read this article throughout school felt discriminated against by comments such as “because if there’s anything I hate more than soccer, it’s the French” and “Zidane should hold his head high. After all, he did soccer a favor” is he encouraging such violent acts in sports? “Headbutts are exciting” is he really serious? Anyways, I am speaking for myself and for the people that feel just like me, if he does not like soccer then he should not be involved with it! Thank you for your time.

Rodrigo Hidalgo is junior majoring in sociology and a USF soccer player.