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75 things you must do to become a true USF student

There are some things that you just have to do in order to call yourself a USF student. Consider this article your guide to a complete college experience at the old green-and-gold.

1. Test your patience and willpower by waiting in line for a sandwich from Subway.

2. Participate in (or casually observe) an on-campus protest.

3. Join in – or host – a slip n’ slide party behind Epsilon Hall.

4. Attend a Bulls game at the Sun Dome.

5. Try to name every celebrity hidden in the mural on the fifth floor of the Crescent Hill parking garage.

6. Fall asleep while studying in the Library.

7. Check out student artwork at the Centre Gallery.

8. Go to the Zendah Grotto and have Sherman Christensen teach you how to jump, jive and wail.

9. Stare and wonder what crazy architect built the business building.

10. Check out the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg. You get in for free with your USF ID.

11. Channel your inner Gloria Gaynor and get on stage for Karaoke Night each Tuesday at Bobalouie’s.

12. Go to University Mall and make rounds on the free samples. Hit up Perry’s BBQ twice.

13. Take every free highlighter, bumper sticker, pen and eraser offered at the various fairs around campus.

14. Dodge the golf carts around campus. Rumor has it that if you get hit by one you get free tuition, but it’s not worth testing that notion.

15. Join a student organization for a skill you have yet to learn, like skydiving, juggling or surfing.

16. Take advantage of the extra good food at Argos and Andros when higher-ups from Aramark or incoming freshmen are visiting.

17. Argue with the religious zealots outside of Cooper Hall.

18. Play the guessing game – follow the blaring music and try to guess what event/organization is celebrating at the MLK Plaza.

19. Try to talk a Parking and Transportation Services employee out of a parking ticket when the ticket is already on your windshield.

20. Question whether you need anger management classes when you realize that you’re having horrible thoughts about running over pedestrians.

21. Start an obscure club with your friends and collect money from Student Government. You only need five people to create one.

22. Save money by renting movies from the Library instead of Blockbuster.

23. Hang out at the cancer hut (AKA the gazebo near Epsilon and Zeta Halls).

24. Live in a dorm, at least your freshman year.

25. Buy your books from Gray’s Bookstore.

26. Go to the Greenery for ladies’ night.

27. Send a letter (or e-mail) to The Oracle.

28. Go to Denny’s after a night of drinking and demand your Grand Slam – or breakfast of choice – at 3 a.m.

29. Check out a sunset from the roof of a parking garage.

30. Take a picture with the bust of Martin Luther King, Jr.

31. Run the par course on campus and follow the recommended exercises.

32. Go to the Castle in Ybor and meet “the Senator.”

33. Go to Andros at 11 p.m. for waffles emblazoned with the USF logo.

34. Skateboard to class – it’s much quicker.

35. Bring an umbrella, even if it’s sunny out. The weather can change in an instant.

36. Start a fan club for an obscure sports player. Create a Facebook club, send the athlete fan mail and make posters to show your support at every one of his/her games.

37. Take advantage of the cafe above the bookstore – it’s less crowded than the Starbucks at the Library.

38. Have Westshore Pizza on speed dial.

39. Go rent canoes and go canoeing on the Hillsborough River.

40. Check out Movies on the Lawn on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. – it’s free.

41. Visit the Contemporary Art Museum – not many universities have their own contemporary art museum on campus.

42. Become addicted to Facebook.

43. Take your iPod/walkman and walk through the Botanical Gardens. If it’s not noisy out, go without.

44. Buy the book Weird Florida at Barnes & Noble or Borders and take a day trip to see odd sights around town.

45. Use SAFE Team as much as possible (especially when alone at night).

46. Fall asleep on a couch in the Phyllis P. Marshall Center.

47. Tired of blank walls? Rent art from the Library.

48. Don’t buy pens – just look for ones people drop on the floor.

49. Hit up a sorority/fraternity party at least once. You don’t have to be part of one to enjoy the perks.

50. Hang out in the basement of the Marshall Center, especially during the Basement Band Series. There’s free music and food.

51. Check out when picking classes. Don’t base your selections entirely on what someone is rated, but it’s a good guideline.

52. Smoke a cigar rolled by a Cuban guy (as close as you’re going to get to a Cuban cigar in the US) at Havana Dreams on 7th street in Ybor.

53. Spend a night laughing until your abs ache at the Tampa Improv in Ybor. In the off chance the comedian stinks, bring a few tomatoes.

54. Become fascinated (or just plain grossed out) by the Bodies Exhibit at MOSI. You get a student discount if you show them your student I.D.

55. Borrow trays from Argos or Andros and go sledding down Crescent Hill.

56. Save money by checking out the bus schedules and using the HARTline and USF buses to get around.

57. Pick a date on one of the circles on the sundial behind Cooper Hall and see it in action.

58. Find a blue bus on campus and donate blood to score some free food.

59. Consider the phrase “you won’t” to have the same power of persuasion as a “triple dog dare” did in the third grade.

60. Learn after the first week of classes that the precious time you spent getting ready in the morning could be better spent sleeping. Hey, the bum/rolled-out-of-bed chic look worked for Mary Kate and Ashley, didn’t it?

61. Never pay for a movie again. Scour each issue of the Oracle for free passes to sneak previews.

62. Attend a lecture during the year from the University Lecture Series.

63. Take a random course – like salsa dance or racquetball – just for fun.

64. Tan at “Castor Beach,” AKA the sandy area behind Castor Hall.

65. Paint yourself for a sporting event (bonus points if you paint yourself green and gold for a sport other than football or basketball. Hey, the track team needs some support, too.)

66. Eat three meals on one prepaid swipe by spending the entire day at Argos.

67. When the threat of a hurricane looms near, check the USF Web site every two hours to see if class is cancelled.

68. Get kicked out of the gym for being inappropriately dressed or improperly lifting weights.

69. Face your fear of heights by paying $10 to tackle the ropes course at Riverfront Park.

70. Familiarize yourself with every opportunity for free food: Patio Tuesdays by the Marshall Center, Bull Market Wednesdays, free Ben & Jerry’s ice cream cones every April 28, free 7.11-ounce Slurpees from 7-Eleven on July 11, etc.

71. Nearly miss class due to the ever-elusive hunt for a parking spot.

72. Go to school for eight years and not become a doctor.

73. Apply for a credit card to get the free gift, only to cancel that card the next day.

74. Get a hold on your registration for having an overdue Library book.

75. Fall asleep in the movie theater’s chairs during your UMT lecture hall class.