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Tickets penalized

As student body presidential candidates and their staffs continue on the campaign trail, the Election Rules Commission stayed busy enforcing campaign rules and assessing points to tickets for campaign rule violations.

A ticket is disqualified once it receives 10 points.

The ERC assessed four points Monday to the ticket of student body presidential candidate Frank Harrison and running mate Faran Abbasi, putting their ticket at a total of eight points.

It also assessed four points to the ticket of student body presidential candidate Ben Sens and running mate Ernest “E.J.” Joe. Their ticket had not been previously assessed any points.

Harrison’s grandparents were caught campaigning for him in the library, which violated two rules, each garnering two points apiece. His grandparents are not registered as part of the Harrison/Abbasi ticket’s campaign staff and thus are prohibited from actively campaigning. Also, campaigning inside the library is prohibited.

Harrison said that he did not recruit his grandparents to campaign, rather they are just very active in his life.

“They don’t listen to me and they don’t listen to my parents, and when they hear something is going on, they come,” Harrison said. “They’re 80 years old, and they do what they want.”

He said his ticket will appeal the four points to the SG Supreme Court.

The Sens/EJ ticket was assessed three points for having a large campaign sign that was not approved by the ERC posted at the Boardwalk apartment complex off campus.

They were also assessed one point for wearing campaign materials in a Student Government office – more specifically the ERC office – which is prohibited.

Sens declined to comment on points assessed, citing that the ERC had not informed him of any points assessed to his ticket.

The ERC has been assessing points throughout the election season for a variety of violations.

The Harrison/Abbasi ticket had already been assessed three points for visiting a meeting of the Ethos political party without having the proper paperwork filled out. Candidates must get written permission from the president of a student organization before they can visit one of its meetings.

Harrison said he plans to appeal the three points to the Court.

The ticket already had one point for posting large signs on campus before that kind of campaigning was allowed on campus. An appeal of the point to the Court was denied.

Student body presidential candidate Jeremy Bills and his running mate Joy Gamble-George were assessed three points for having a logo that looked too similar to the logo of the Office of Multicultural Activities. Logos that look similar to official campus logos are prohibited since they can give the impression that a University entity supports a candidate.

Student body presidential candidate Kyle Myers and his running mate Aadil Modi have not been assessed any points by the ERC.

If nobody receives 50 percent of the vote when the polls close tonight, the two tickets with the most votes will go into a run-off.

If the election goes to a run-off, all points assessed by the ERC remain. If a ticket is disqualified during the run-off, the other ticket in the run-off wins by default.

As of 5 p.m. Tuesday, 1,384 students had voted, according to the SG business office.