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Third murder suspect indicted in Stem case

A third suspect in the murder of 57-year-old Ronald Stem was indicted yesterday.

Freedom High School student Rashad Jamel Taylor, 17, was charged with first-degree murder and attempted armed robbery. Taylor, who was in custody with another agency for charges unrelated to the murder, will be charged as an adult.

“We had the press conference on April 5 that we had two and were seeking two others,” University Police spokesman Michael Klingebiel said yesterday. “We had the third indictment today.

“That is not a conviction. Basically, now you can bring this to trial either by jury or judge,” he said.

Stem was the first person to be murdered on USF’s Tampa campus since 1994. He was fatally shot in Parking Lot 24 near Magnolia Apartments just prior to midnight on Feb. 9. He was a former student, staff member and WBUL DJ.

On April 5, both Morgan Nelson, 16, and Najee Hunter, 17, were indicted. The former was charged with first-degree murder and attempted robbery and the latter with first-degree murder.

One more unnamed suspect has yet to be indicted.

In April, UP Captain Bob Staehl told the Oracle the act was “senseless” and that “Ron Stem was at the wrong place at the wrong time.”

According to Staehl, the group made a decision off-campus to rob somebody on campus. When they realized Stem had no money to give, he was shot.