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Sexually Speaking

Dear Alexis,

My boyfriend asked me to do something recently that I am just not comfortable doing. Not only that, but I don’t believe that it really even works. He wants me to stimulate him anally because it’s supposed to give guys an orgasm, but I think he just saw it in a movie and wants to try it. Does that really do anything?

— Call Me Old Fashioned

Dear Old Fashioned,

Males actually can achieve orgasm through stimulation of the “A Spot.” This is similar to the female Grafenberg or “G Spot” in that, when properly simulated, it can result in a very intense orgasm for some women.

The A Spot involves stimulating the prostate gland via the rectum. The prostate gland is found about three or four inches above the rectum and is about the size of a walnut. Stimulation can occur by placing the middle and index fingers into this location, curving them toward his pelvis and stroking gently. It is important that the male remain relaxed to avoid injury. A well-lubricated condom should also be placed over your fingers before engaging in such an activity. It is also extremely important that your partner communicates with you during such an act. The prostate is extremely sensitive, so anything too rough can be painful and possibly even dangerous. However, the A Spot does exist and if properly stimulated can result in a satisfying male ejaculation and orgasm.

Be safe and have fun!

— Alexis