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Letter to the Editor

Single-sex schools need more work

Re: “Single-sex schools miss the point of primary education,” Staff Editorial, April 19.

It seems as though the idea of single-sex schools is not being given a fair chance. While schools provide children and teens with the social and interaction skills they will need in the future, gender segregation could eliminate some distractions for boys and girls who are feeling the first effects of puberty if it’s implemented early enough. Of course, it wouldn’t be practical or sensible to let such a practice continue throughout high school. The opposite sex is something most people begin to experiment with around the end of middle school or early into high school. However, a single-sex school could possibly increase the focus of students.

Select single-sex classes maybe a better option than entire single-sex schools, though. For example, if a student is having trouble in math or science, perhaps a single-sex classroom could reduce the amount of distraction and allow him or her to focus. That example may be a bit of a stretch, but it’s still a possibility. Even if it’s a completely ridiculous suggestion, the threat of being sent to a single-sex school just may be enough to get the student to buck up and get to work (I can vouch for the guys, at least). Maybe the single-sex school system that is being put into practice isn’t completely flawed; perhaps it is merely in need of some revamping. All it seems to be doing now is causing controversy.

Sean Karlen is a freshman majoring in anthropology.