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News Briefs

Harrison makes FSA BOD, BOG

With his new position as chairman of the Florida Student Association’s Board of Directors, USF student body president Frank Harrison will be the only student in the state to sit on the Board of Governors.

Even though Harrison is on the BOG to represent all state university students, he said his position will help USF students become more aware of the government.

“I kind of have to be a representative of everybody, not just USF,” Harrison said. “At the same time, having someone from USF on that actual board is more eyes and ears up there. It indirectly provides us with more of a sense of what’s really going on.”

Harrison isn’t concerned with the lack of time he’ll be spending away from campus. In fact, he planned for it.

“It’s obviously less time here,” Harrison said. “But I think in a lot of ways it’s probably going to be more beneficial to students than planning some kind of event or party here.”

Because the BOG oversees and makes policy for state universities, the board has more authority than university presidents.

“I guess technically that would be true,” said Harrison of being President Judy Genshaft’s supervisor. “With just the BOG thing.”

Holly Drive to be closed

A section of Holly Drive between Bruce B. Downs Boulevard and Magnolia Drive will be closed this weekend. The closure will take place from 6 a.m. June 16 through 6 p.m. June 18. University Police recommend that other campus entrances on Fowler Avenue or Fletcher Avenue be utilized during this time. Holly Drive near the USF Health section of campus will only be accessible as far east as South Cypress Drive and Pine Drive.