If you can dodge a wrench. . .

There will be some important names – and some important people – throwing balls at each other this weekend.

Included in the 16 teams scheduled to participate in the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee’s inaugural DodgeBull Tournament on Saturday are teams comprised of Board of Trustee members, the men’s basketball team and one that’s led by Athletic Director Doug Woolard. Most of the other teams consist of members from Student Government, athletics and Greek Life.

“We wanted to get some student leaders and some organizations together and do something fun,” said Justin Miller, who helped organize the event.

The BOT team is only playing one game and is not in the actual tournament. Miller said he’ll pick players from other teams to play the BOT at 3 p.m. The tournament begins at noon and should last until 4 p.m.

Playing for the BOT team are Provost Renu Khator, Chief of Staff Cindy Visot, faculty senate President and trustee Susan Greenbaum, and trustees Greg Paveza and Sherrill Tomasino.

Student body President and trustee Maxon Victor, who encouraged Board members to participate during a BOT meeting in March, is also playing on the team.

President Judy Genshaft was originally scheduled to play, but is on the disabled list after she broke her wrist when she fell off a ladder while picking grapefruits earlier this month.

“Of course it’s a loss for our team,” Visot said. “She’s our leader, so she’s going to coach. She’s very disappointed she’s not able to play, but she’ll coach us to victory.”

So what about the prospect of 20-something college students – some of whom could be athletes – hurling balls at more, shall we say, seasoned counterparts?

“It’s a foam ball, so we’re not that worried,” Visot said.

For this tournament, the traditional red rubber dodgeballs will be replaced with foam-coated balls, Miller said.

As for whether students will take it easy on the BOT members, Miller said he’s not sure.

“I think it’s up to the players’ discretion,” he said. “The BOT team has read the risk warning.”

The tournament will take place at the intramural fields east of the Physical Education building on Maple Drive.

“It will be fun,” Visot said. “It’s just an opportunity for the students to interact with the trustees and the administrators, and vice versa.”