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Letters to the editor

He preached reality, not pipe dreams

Re: “Walid Shoebat preached violence, not peace,” by Sean Kinane, April 4.

Just how does one negotiate with a suicide bomber? The exact message of Walid Shoebat was to abandon the current paradigm of thinking accepted in the West, which has, if Sean Kinane has not noticed, produced absolutely zero peace. According to Kinane’s idealistic peace plan, the only acceptable way to have dealt with Nazi Germany would have been to have “moderate voices” there who rejected Hitler’s negotiations with Neville Chamberlain in the 1930s. Sure sounds like a recipe for success.

As an insider to Palestinian culture, Shoebat explained his experiences of being indoctrinated in Palestinian society, where songs advocating violence, bloodshed and hate toward Jews are sung in schools and on children’s television shows. I would appreciate it if Kinane could have said which party was the moderate voice in the Palestinian election: Was it Fateh or Hamas?

Kinane said it was a shame for Hillel to have brought someone with an actual internal knowledge of the mindset of devoted terrorist groups to tell students how it really is. I say it is a shame a journalist came and left Shoebat’s presentation with a preconceived mind. But, of course, it’s apparent that the true solution for peace is not found by listening to the transformation of someone who actually would have died to kill Jews, but instead is readily available to hover over students’ lattes in comfy coffee house chats.

Davin Funt is a senior majoring in accounting.