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Letters to the Editor

Resident’s dispute was with Resident Services, not RHA

Re: “RHA Must Not Make Scapegoats of its Residents,” Letters to the Editor, Feb. 16.

In a letter to the editor, Matt Whalon mistakenly referred to having a problem with the Residence Hall Association. RHA is an elected body of resident students who strive to make the USF campus a better place to live by representing the voice of the residents. The voting members of RHA are just residents, and like any other resident, they are subject to the rules whether they agree with them or not.

However, as elected representatives of the halls and areas in which they live, these students are encouraged to bring their or others’ concerns to the appropriate channel of RHA. Any concern brought up to RHA is taken seriously in hopes of resolving any issues residents may have. Concerns from residents may be directed to or through the RHA Web site

Whalon actually has an issue with Residence Services. Residence Services consists of individuals employed by the school who are in administrative powers over the residence halls. The titles and powers these people have vary from the director of Residence Services, who oversees everything relating to housing, to the resident assistants, who oversee one floor or hall. It is Residence Services that sets and enforces the rules to be followed in the residence halls for the safety and well-being of the residents.

After briefly speaking with Whalon at a chance meeting, he realized his inaccuracy and gave me permission to correct his mistake.

Jessica Farrell is the RHA secretary and a senior majoring in biology.